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I’m the one who steps from the shadows,.
And I looked, and behold, a pale horse, & his name that sate on him was Death.


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Favorite book?

Peter Pan, hands down.

Earliest memory?

Pretzels and lanterns in Germany where my dad was stationed for a while when he was in the military.  Sometimes I smell or taste something that tastes like those pretzels and it takes me right back.

How did you find Tumblr?

It kept coming up during google searches for images.

Favorite hobby?

Writing.  Both original and rpg

What do you look like?


What’s your favorite academic subject?


Place you’d like to visit before you die?


Cake or ice cream?

Ice cream, definitely.

Favorite series/movie/book/tv show?


Do you have a pet?

Two dogs.

What scares or creeps you out?

Dolls.  I am perfectly comfortable in a cooler full of dead bodies, but dolls can gtfo.

Favorite actor?
Favorite mini-series/TV movie?
Favorite genre to read?
Favorite song at the moment?
Movie you will always watch when channel surfing into?
Favorite author?
Star Trek or Star Wars?
Favorite quote?
Long term goal?
Favorite memory?
Do you believe in ghosts?

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