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30 Day Female Character Meme


Rachel Brooks. [Justified]

Again, only just got into this fandom, but Rachel needs LOTS more screen time please.  She is just as bamf as Tim and Raylan, and I dig her snarky humor.  Can we have an episode that centers around her and Tim working a case together versus Raylan please?  I love Raylan, I do, but the supporting characters on this show are just as awesome.


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    true …. Episode with bro in law (Larenz Tate) provided interesting backstory to easily allow this to happen
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    AGREED! 30 Day Female Character Meme
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    Jo Harvelle Shirley Bennett Tina Cohen-Chang Mercedes Jones Lauren Zizes This could go on for days. FYI.
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    Definitely! More Rachel/Less Winona. Please!
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  14. absolutelyava said: Yes! I would even be ok if she and Tim had some loooove plotline going, bc better her than some random tramp AND I really want to see him in bed, half naked, with sex hair. Is that too self serving? Opps
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