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I don't know that I think anyone is %100 a dick, ma'am.
i died so i could haunt you - swing_set13 || chapters - 1/1  || warnings - N/A
summary - Haunting requires skill and showmanship. Something werewolves will never understand.
the alexandrian solution - bexless || chapters - 1/1  || warnings - sexually explicit content, slash, knotting, some language
summary - Stiles hilariously learns what knotting is, then quite hotly explores it with Derek.
now look at us, we’re ancient - skullage || chapters - 1/1  || warnings - sexually explicit content, slash, dubious consent, some language, casual sex, implied/referenced self-harm, underage, bloodplay, 
summary - The first thing out of Derek’s mouth is, “You shouldn’t wander off alone.” The first thing Stiles says is, “Take off your pants,” and that about sums up their relationship, now.
what you want (do you even know?) - scifislashfreak || chapters - 8/10  || warnings - alternate universe, sexually explicit content, slash, some language, casual sex, gender bending, voyeurism, threesome 
summary - Stiles has an encounter with a witch and now he’s hopping through different realities until he finds what he wants. The only problem is Stiles really wasn’t aware he wanted anything.
make a beast out of you - moriartys_minion || chapters - 8/14  || warnings - alternate universe, sexually explicit content, slash, some language, casual sex, dubious consent, voyeurism, some gore 
summary - Only Stiles could go visit colleges for a weekend and come back to Beacon Hills as a newly turned sex demon. A really hungry sex demon.

I only recently started reading fanfic again, and for the first time in this fandom, but these are the ones I have bookmarked so far.  I’m really picky with my Sterek fics, and apparently I only have two settings I enjoy—fluff and hardcore sex/gore.  

Apologies to the user who asked for this list and wanted lower ratings, I just haven’t read enough yet that aren’t explicit!  But I know that Jen has an extensive rec list over here you might try.

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